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G.K. Chesterton On AI Risk

[An SSC reader working at an Oxford library stumbled across a previously undiscovered manuscript of G.K. Chesterton’s, expressing his thoughts on AI, x-risk, and superintelligence. She was kind enough to send me a copy, which I have faithfully transcribed] The … Continue reading

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Notes From The Asilomar Conference On Beneficial AI

Last month I got to attend the Asilomar Conference on Beneficial AI. I tried to fight it off, saying I was totally unqualified to go to any AI-related conference. But the organizers assured me that it was an effort to … Continue reading

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How Does Recent AI Progress Affect The Bostromian Paradigm?

[content note: I seriously know nothing about this and it’s all random uninformed speculation] I. AI risk discussions are dominated by the Bostromian paradigm of AIs as highly strategic agents that try to maximize certain programmed goals. This paradigm got … Continue reading

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AI Persuasion Experiment Results

I. Last month I asked three thousand people to read some articles on AI risk and tell me how convinced they were. Last week, I asked them to come back and tell me some more stuff, to see if they … Continue reading

AI Persuasion Followup Survey

If you took the AI persuasion experiment survey last month, I have a very brief followup survey that I’d like you to take. You can find it here. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read anything this time. If you … Continue reading

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AI Persuasion Experiment

I’ve been trying to write a persuasive essay about AI risk, but there are already a lot of those out there and I realize I should see if any of them are better before pushing mine. This also ties into … Continue reading

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Ascended Economy?

[Obviously speculative futurism is obviously speculative. Complex futurism may be impossible and I should feel bad for doing it anyway. This is “inspired by” Nick Land – I don’t want to credit him fully since I may be misinterpreting him, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Age of Em

[Note: I really liked this book and if I criticize it that’s not meant as an attack but just as what I do with interesting ideas. Note that Robin has offered to debate me about some of this and I’ve … Continue reading

Things That Are Not Superintelligences

[Not the most interesting topic in the world, but I’m posting it so I have something to link to next time I see this argument] I talk about superintelligence a lot, usually in the context of AI or genetically engineered … Continue reading

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Should AI Be Open?

I. H.G. Wells’ 1914 sci-fi book The World Set Free did a pretty good job predicting nuclear weapons: They did not see it until the atomic bombs burst in their fumbling hands…before the last war began it was a matter … Continue reading

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